Council In London Suggests People Can Be Racists Before They Can Even Walk Or Talk

“White children are strongly biased in favour of whiteness.”

Racism is spreading across the country, and that’s what the Dems will use as suggesting people like Trump and Republicans were not only harboring the hate but helping it flourish.

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Racism is a hot topic in America, especially when Biden repeatedly talks about this problem. One council in London stated that a baby at the age of 3 months could show racial bias.

The Islington Council in London said that children must be taught about racism and the topic of race. “White children are strongly biased in favour of whiteness.”

Adrian Hart stated, “Fundamentally, many of the studies presented in support of these sorts of ideas about children and race simply conflate acceptance of one group with rejection of another.” He added, “Children’s choices in relation to things like doll or toy preference, in artificial experimental conditions offer no indication of whether the child takes account of race in everyday social interactions. Parents and educators and policymakers in local and central government alike cannot make claims like these at face value.”

The Telegraph reported that local councils had hired organizations to help teach CRT. Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi stated, “Children need to form their own views at the same time as they learn to respect those of others. That is why parents and carers need to be able to trust schools to be totally impartial.

“They need to be confident that their children can learn about political issues and begin to form their own independent opinions without being influenced by the personal views of those teaching them. No school should be encouraging young people to pin their colours to a particular political mast.”

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