Cop Executed On Side Of The Road In Broad Daylight After Pulling Over A Truck For Window Tint Violation

The video of the death of a New Mexico State Police Officer emerged. He was gunned down at a traffic stop.


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The incident happened on February 4, when Officer Darian Jarrott pulled over Omar Cueva along Interstate 10. Jarrott spoke to Cueva and told him to stop the truck because of the tinted windows’ darkness.

At that point, Jarrott spotted the rifle left inside the truck and asked Cueva a couple of questions about it.

“Do you mind if I take it off you for my safety?” asked Jarrott. He stood next to the window, and we can clearly see that from the video.

Dashcam footage shared on YouTube by Albuquerque Journal shows Cueva leaving the truck with his AR-15 rifle. The last moments of the recording are graphic.

As he walks to the back part of the vehicle, Jarrott follows him. All of a sudden, without any warning, Cueva shoots at Jarrot.

The police officer immediately falls on the ground.

From the video shared on YouTube, we can see that Cueva shot Jarrott a couple of times. Then, he put the gun on the back part of the officer’s head and fired a bullet for the last time.

After the war of guns with the police, Cueva lost the battle and ended up dead in Las Cruces.

After more than 30 years, Jarrott (28) is the first state trooper in New Mexico killed on duty.

According to the State Police, Jarrott helped Homeland Security Investigations at the time of the incident.

Besides, Ray Wilson, State Police spokesperson, stated that Jarrott “was laid to rest on Friday, February 12, 2021, at Shakespeare Cemetery in Lordsburg during a private burial.”

“We appreciate the public’s support during this difficult time,” –State Police Chief Robert Thornton stated. “We will honor Officer Jarrott’s sacrifice by continuing to serve and protect the citizens of New Mexico.”

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