CONSPIRACY-FACT: Chemtrails Now ADMITTED By John Brennan Himself!

The reality of this century is that the officials spray heavy chemicals in the skies, and they try to poison us.
People don’t even notice this, and they don’t really care!

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Check this out:

What you saw above isn’t normal! Despite what Wikipedia wants to tell you and brainwash you, bear in mind that the things in the skies are heavy chemicals. They aren’t contrails. They are short and will dissipate very quickly.

When we were kids, we could see the contrails disappearing quickly as the plane passed the sky.

What the planes spread are heavy chemicals designed to stay in the air. But we are shocked that the Deep State confessed that.

Many people say it is a conspiracy theory and try to defend them, but the Deep State and John Brennan confessed it!

But, they don’t call them chemtrails because it would be too obvious, but they call them stratospheric aerosol injections. It’s the same, but their name is fancier.

See this below:

We have a Rumble backup:

It’s confirmed:

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