CONFIRMED: Biden Faked White House Photo Shoot!

Joe Biden faked it to the max

As usual.

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A lot of people said it. The whole thing looked super fake. Well, we do know Biden is a faker. Now we have the proof.

If you missed the theater, check out this video on Rumble.

Pretty much everyone noticed the “set.”

That looks stupid.

As you may be guessing… You were right.

They set the whole things up… I guess they thought people wouldn’t notice it.

This photo went viral.

Fake photo! First, we thought someone “fixed” the photo.

No, it was Biden. He fixed the stage.

Welcome to Vaccine Theater! Biden’s Fakery is open 24/7.

There’s no conspiracy here. It’s just Biden and his fake presidency. This guy is FAKE.

Watch the video here.

There’s more:

Stephen Colbert mocked the theater. Literally.

Why did he fake this? He is the President of the United States. He has the White House all for himself. Why would he set up a stage?

Are those doctors real? We do know that Biden is not the real President of the US, so I guess everything is fake here.

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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