CONCERNING STATEMENT: Gowdy States That Trump’s Allies Have No Clue About What’s Gong On In Durham’s Investigation

Donald Trump strikes back

Gowdy says that the former President’s allies “don’t have a clue” about Durham’s progress or the timetable. This statement has concerned a lot of people.

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Former Republican lawmaker Trey Gowdy has made another shocking statement. If this is true, we will have a few good reasons to be worried. He claims that “high-level members of the Trump administration” have no idea of the things that took place in John Durham’s investigation.

“The reality is no one knows,” Gowdy said. “I mean I — there are people that were really, really high up in government. Like really high up in government in the last administration that I talked to in the last week, and they don’t have a clue.”

“I certainly don’t know as just a regular old, washed-up former country prosecutor in South Carolina. I don’t know,” he concluded.

Gowdy discussed several possibilities regarding Durham.

“Part of me thinks that prosecutors who don’t have enough to allege a crime need to keep their mouths shut,” he said.

“And part of me thinks that this is more than just a criminal investigation. It’s a counterintelligence investigation. It’s an investigation into whether procedures and powers that we give the government, whether folks were good stewards of those powers, and you could make an argument that we should know that,” he added.

“We should know whether or not someone abused their authority or their power in a non-criminal way. And I guess we should know if they did so in a criminal way, but for some reason, the case is not prosecutable, I guess. But I am not convinced that we should know everyone who is investigated but never charged because that’s just not the way the system works,” Gowdy said.

“The lesson here, one of the lessons here I think, to my former Republican colleagues, is when you over-promise, or you assure people that there are going to be indictments,” he said, “and you assure people that folks are going to jail, and you have no power and no access to make sure that happens, you just after a while begin to lose credibility. Which is why you have never heard me say, ‘I promise you someone is going to jail as a result of the Durham probe.’”

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Source: The True Defender

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