Commentary: More and more Americans are realizing that Dr. Fauci is not their friend

Social media is recently filled with an increasing number of sceptics and people enraged about the long-standing COVID-19 advisory role of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

For over a year now, some of us have been indicating the need to rid the White House and the nation of Dr. Fauci’s presence.

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Nevertheless, it turns out his latest calls for wearing two masks and remaining locked down even after the process of vaccination have pushed a new segment of Americans over the edge.

I could only say “Amen” to that.

Clearly, more and more people just want their country back and resent that the so-called “experts” seem to be fond of either doubling down on failure or mandating increasingly hysterical and uncomprehending cures that would make Rube Goldberg machines blush.

This is not just resentment, as too many people have been hurt in mind, body, and soul by Fauci’s arrogant and inconsistent medical meanderings.

What’s more, he has reduced their ability to provide for themselves and their family, to speak out and express their mind, to receive a decent education, to enjoy their interests, and what’s even more important- their ability to trust one another as fellow citizens.

Unfortunately, for some people, it might be years before they realize that we, as individuals and as a community, have been trapped and busted.

There needs to be accountability after a year of such needless overreach and arrogance. Although we should have learned the truth earlier.

Think about Idaho’s Sara Brady, who was arrested in April 2020 for the high crime of playing on a playground with her kids and now continues to wait in limbo for a trial to address her trespassing charge as she amasses growing attorney fees.

The mother had been at the park for barely five minutes before police arrived at the behest of a Karen Supreme who simply couldn’t tolerate the freedom being enjoyed right in front of her while she was having her lunch in her car!

These two kids were watching their mom being handcuffed right in front of them by the inheritor of Barney Fife’s limp pistol and tin-can badge.

Their father, Tim Brady, said:

“Unfortunately for the officer and the state of Idaho, they arrested a woman who will fight until she has no breath left in her. What a lot of people don’t know, especially those that have taken time out of their lives to criticize, threaten, harass and stalk her and our family is that she is the wife of a police officer. To add insult to injury, I have worked with the officer that arrested my wife several times throughout my 19-year law enforcement career.”

He is so fed up now that he speaks freely about the abuse we have all been subjected to!

Tim added:

“I have to hope that law enforcement’s role with the tyrannical orders and edicts over the past year are the minority. I fear that the profession I love will someday in the future force me to leave because I won’t participate in destroying my nation. The next time you hear or see a story about the abuse of law enforcement power, please remember there are those who are still out there fighting for what is right. Vowing to uphold the oaths we have taken.”

This is the chaos and purposelessness Fauci and company have wrought, after forgetting or perverting all oaths they have ever taken.

Enough is enough!

Where a cop’s faith in his noble profession, as well as his own respect for authority, are hanging by a thread as he saw about 400 inmates released from his local prison due to the pandemic, making room behind bars for anyone daring to get some fresh air.

We should no longer be traitors to the cause of freedom, so let’s wake up!

Fauci is far from being our friend, and his time spent as a medical compass of our nation has already left a permanent scar!

Let’s put an end to it!

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Source: The Blaze 

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