Columnist Predicts Trump Won’t Run Again In 2024 But There’s Good News For GOP Anyway

Donald Trump has a plan

We have a few good reasons to believe that Trump will run for president in 2024. Millions of voters would love to see his name on the ballots. Trump is a winner and people like him.

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A recent piece got us thinking though.

Washington Time columnist Michael McKenna, president of MWR Strategies, a lobbying firm, who worked as a deputy assistant to Trump and a deputy director of the Office of Legislative Affairs at the White House, said that Trump wouldn’t become a president.

Trump will turn 78 in 2024. Age has nothing on him and he doesn’t have dementia. But, he may retire instead of going for another run.

Did Trump’s influence peak?

It turns out that it is difficult to run a political movement as a private citizen from Mar-a-Lago. For example, in the 6th Congressional District race in Texas, the president endorsed eventual front-runner Susan Wright very late — in part because there were numerous contenders in the Trump primary and he or his crew was afraid of picking the “wrong” candidate (i.e., one who wound up losing). The same mechanics were at play in the statewide Virginia Republican nomination process this month.

They will be in play in places as different as Ohio, where the race to replace Republican Sen. Rob Portman will no doubt include a handful of candidates close to the former president, and New York’s gubernatorial race. The New York race in particular is a good example of how political movements sometimes splinter as they grow. Lee Zeldin is without a doubt the best candidate the Republicans could put forward in the race for governor, but Team Trump has residual and irrational attachments to the Giuliani family, so they will probably dither about whom to support.

“In short, the world is moving along and politicians are doing what they do (stealing ideas that work), and Mr. Trump’s ability to clear a primary field — let alone anoint a general election winner — is compromised precisely because there are multiple candidates vying for his imprimatur,” McKenna notes further.

The columnist also reported that Trump’s presence has faded. He is no longer available on social media and we don’t see him in the news.

But, Trump’s impact in the last four years was amazing. He was brilliant and spectacular. People supported his policies and the MAGA  movement.

Trump has actually set the standard for all candidates. America deserves a stronger leader and Trump taught everyone a lesson.

McKenna notes:

Mr. Trump changed many things for Republicans. Most were for the good — clarity with respect to America first foreign and trade policies; a solid preference (at least rhetorically) for working people; an expansion of the sacred cows that could be critiqued and slaughtered; and an expansion of the party’s sense of the possible. He also, finally, mercifully, closed the book on the hagiography of President Reagan.

In many ways he midwifed a new Republican Party. The real challenge now is to figure out how to grow and build what he helped create through the next generation. The person who solves that will be the next Republican president.

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