Colorado Governor Advises Children To Lie Their Parents And Get The C-19 Vaccine!

Colorado Governor Jared Polis, a Democrat, told the people to lie to their close family members privately to get the coronavirus vaccine.

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How could one governor ask something like this from the people?

“A spouse, a parent you live with who doesn’t want to get it, is against it… you can still privately get that vaccine without your partner knowing if that’s what keeps the harmony in the family and you are protecting yourself,” the governor advised the Americans.

One politician shared his stance on this suggestion, saying, “You can still privately get vaccinated without your parent or spouse knowing if that keeps the harmony in your family and you’re protecting yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to share that with those you live with.”

Jared Polis supported the hysteria-inducing deceit within families, referring to the children in schools under 18.

Colorado County doesn’t make exceptions for minors to get the coronavirus vaccine without parental approval.

Precisely this happens to children 12 and older in San Francisco. They can get jabbed without their parents approving that. Currently, the government prepares itself for mass vaccination of children at the age of 5 and older.

“Big Government has no business whatsoever in telling our children to lie to parents, keep secrets, and do as they are told,” wrote a conservative pundit at Colorado Peak Politics. “If you don’t believe us, ask the Catholic Church how that worked out for them.”

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