CNN To WH Advisor: Kabul Fell, Where’s The President?

CNN anchor Brianna Keilar pressed a WH official in a Monday debate on why Biden didn’t deliver a public address about the Taliban occupation over Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul.

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People were asking: ‘’Where’s the president?’’

On Monday, Kellar talked with WH Deputy National Security Adviser Finer once the news broke that the Taliban captured Kabul on Sunday.

In addition, you will read the key sentences in their debate:

KEILAR: “Where is the President? You know, why — why isn’t he communicating fulsomely to the American people?”

FINER: “The President has been deeply engaged in all of the policy conversations and this situation as it evolves in real-time. We have met with the President and his entire national security team daily, often multiple times a day. That’s going to continue again today. The President has spoken to this issue a number of times in recent weeks — ”


KEILAR: “He has not — Jon, totally different story than a few weeks ago. Right? I mean, why isn’t he out there now? Kabul fell yesterday. Where is the President?”

Watch the video here.

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