Chris Cuomo Tries To Take A Swing At Peter Doocy, Misses, And Falls Flat On His Face

Chris Cuomo attempted to swing at Peter Doocy, Fox News reporter, who criticized Jen Psaki for some time.

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However, recently he’s more focused on Biden and his broken promise about masks and their mandates.

In May, Biden promised that the masks would remain in the past if the Americans got the vaccines. But, now, the narrative has changed, and Biden broke his promise. According to the scientists, even though vaccinated, they would still have to wear masks.

Doocy criticized Biden for his broken promise!

Biden replied that he has never said something similar to it, but we have that on camera, sir.

Chris Cuomo thought that he would be the white knight for the Democrats if he takes a swing at Doocy. But that was a headshot.

One year ago, Cuomo broke his coronavirus restrictions to look at his Million $ real estate purchase.

Chris, you aren’t the one who is capable of speaking about COVID!

If you think this wasn’t bad enough, he received a warning from his building manager because he wasn’t wearing masks.

However, the media didn’t cover any of this. We don’t even care. People will hear from us!

Below you can see what people commented online:

“Uh, you broke the quarantine bro, what are you even talking about?”

“You are the very definition of “bad media practice”:
1) interviewing (but never asking) your brother about his nursing home death scandal
2) lying about your “quarantine”
3) Covid VIP tests for your family and friends
4) giving big bro and company sexual harassment advice”

“This is classic, this road-rage madman complaining about “bad media practices LOL”

“Chris Cuomo the guy who went outside without a mask when he had full-blown COVID…maybe sit this one out, buddy”

“Remember when Chris got in trouble when all the people in his building complained that he wouldn’t wear his mask lol”

“Chris knows a thing or two about soft and lazy journalism”

“Chris, have you and Hunter been hitting the pipe again?”

Cuomo, you lack self-awareness.

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