China Is Publicly Shaming Violators Of Covid-19 Rule

Liberals would definitely love to see this in the United States

A chilling video from China shows four citizens being shamed for violating COVID rules.

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These guys were forced to wear hazmat suits and hold a huge photo of themselves. Names included!

What a disgrace… Chinese authorities took things to another level…

The Guardian reported this:

Armed police in Jingxi, in southern Chinahave paraded four alleged violators of Covid rules through the streets, state media reported, a practice that was banned but which has resurfaced in the struggle to enforce a zero-Covid policy.

The four men were accused of smuggling people across China’s closed borders, and on Tuesday they were led through the streets wearing hazmat suits and bearing placards showing their name and photos. The state-run Guangxi daily reported the action was designed to deter “border-related crimes”.

A common practice during the Cultural Revolution, public shaming has long since been banned in China, and the Communist party-affiliated Beijing News said the Jingxi incident “seriously violates the spirit of the rule of law and cannot be allowed to happen again”.

CNN added more:

Police in southern China paraded four suspects through the streets for allegedly smuggling people across sealed borders in breach of pandemic control measures — a controversial act of public shaming that triggered backlash on Chinese social media.

On Tuesday, four people wearing hazmat suits, face masks and goggles were paraded in Jingxi city, Guangxi province — each carrying placards showing their names and photos on their chest and back, according to videos shared on social media and republished by state media outlets.
Each suspect was held by two officers — also wearing hazmat suits and face shields.

They were surrounded by yet another circle of police, some holding machine guns and in riot gear, while a large crowd looked on.

The four people were suspected of helping others to illegally cross China’s borders, which have been largely sealed during the pandemic as part of the country’s “zero-Covid policy,” according to the state-run Guangxi Daily.


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