Cher Accused Of Having ‘White Savior Complex’ For Saying, ‘Maybe … I Could’ve Helped’ George Floyd

Cher is facing serious backlash

The superstar said she “could’ve helped” George Floyd had she been there. People say Cher suffers from “white savior complex.” In other words, they accuse her of being convinced she can solve problems for minorities. Cher is 74 and she doesn’t give up on the bad thoughts. She tweeted her comment late Friday.

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“I Kept Thinking… Maybe If I’d Been There,… I Could’ve Helped,” she recounts telling her mother.

People blaster her at the very same moment she wrote that tweet.

One person compared the singer’s comment to Pepsi’s disastrous 2017 commercial about the BLM movement. In this commercial, Kendall Jenner achieved peace by giving a can of Pepsi to one of the police officers.

On Friday, the singer called on white guys to “stand in solidarity” with black people against states that supported voter integrity laws. According to Cher, these states are “Ku Klux Klan” states.

Cher didn’t miss the chance to condemn Georgia over the new voter integrity law. She claims that the law takes away voting rights of African-Americans. Well, Cher had the courage to say Republican lawmakers were “evil” and “bigots.”

Cher was a vocal supporter of Joe Biden in November. She performed at fundraisers and joined the campaign trail in Nevada.

On Saturday, Cher responded to the wave of criticism she faced.

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Source: Breitbart

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