CHEMTRAILS: Did You Know The CFR Has Admitted To It?

When the skies are clear, we see the truth!

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There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but these things appeared!


What do people think when they see these things in the skies?

This is what we have as an option:

‘’ Option 1- they don’t even think about it. It never even occurs to them.

Option 2- they think they are normal condensation trails (“contrails”) caused by planes.

Option 3- they know something is wrong but don’t know what or what they can do about it.’’

I think the globalists spray heavy chemicals into the skies, into the air, and we have to believe that the people understand this and thought about it; there would be hell to pay.

No one even questions about this! A group of people like the Harvard Professor who believes in option 2.

It may be a conspiracy. The government couldn’t keep this a secret.

Watch the video below:

First, compartmentalization explains what the government keeps secret.

Only a few people know the complete picture and the whole plan. No one who believes that these are chemical trails, thinks they are attached by commercial airplanes. It’s stupid!

Check this out: Does this looks normal to you?

This isn’t normal!

Condensation trails exist, and they are normal.

When we were kids, there were a lot of them, but they disappeared very quickly! That’s the crucial point!

Contrails exist, and they are different from chemtrails.

They are created to stay in the air and spread.

The Deep State admitted that they call them ‘’stratospheric aerosol injections’’, the fancy word for chemtrails.

Watch the video below:

We have a backup:

The Deep State calls them ‘’hidden in plain sight.’’

You have to help us to spread this worldwide!

Everyone has to know this!

Sorry people, but it is time to wake up.

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