CHALLENGE: Spot The Well-Hidden Leopard Before You Become His Meal!

One image of a perfectly hidden leopard went viral on all social media platforms, and people are fascinated by this fantastic cat’s fur’s role in camouflage.

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We will challenge you!

The leopard is distanced from the camera for 75 feet. It would be our first and only hint!

The human walks at a brisk approximately 5 feet a second! You can enjoy the footage while you mosey among the wilderness. You will need like 30 seconds before you are in striking of the wild animal.

We challenge you to find and spot the animal before your time is gone.
You can bring up the picture in full size in the tweet posted below!

You will need it!

In case you didn’t manage to fulfill the challenge for the given time, 30 seconds, we hope you are exercising the Second Amendment rights.

Maybe it isn’t easy to find a rhino or an elephant in the jungle, but the leopard is really a challenging mission.

He is an ambush predator, so the cat’s best advantage is its speed. The leopard would catch its prey in the ambush and immediately shredding it with his very sharp teeth. The wild animal relies on the coat for successful camouflage, and it finds the perfect place and stealthy maneuvers to get in position when its prey doesn’t notice.

You probably know that leopards kill humans, especially children. But, numerous awareness campaigns contributed to the decrease in the number of attacks in the last 200 years.

Luckily, at the moment, only a few leopards are in the wild in the U.S., so those attacks are sporadic.

Can you spot the leopard in less than 30 seconds?

See the full-size picture.

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