CDC: Teens Injected With COVID Shots Have 7.5 Times More Deaths, 15 Times More Disabilities

The situation will get even worse

And it’s all because of the COVID-19 jabs approved by the FDA…

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Some people want to use these experimental jabs on teenagers, breastfeeding infants, and even fetuses. Does it get any worse than this?

We give you some really shocking results on the 12-19 age group.

There are 30 deaths, 173 permanent disabilities, 3575 ER visits, 1603 hospitalizations, and 316 more life-threatening situations.

The Health Impact News has more:

“The CDC did another data dump into their Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database today. As of August 27, 2021, there have been 13,911 deaths, 2,933,377 injury symptoms, 18,098 permanent disabilities, 76,160 ER visits, 56,912 hospitalizations, and 14,327 life-threatening events recorded following experimental COVID-19 vaccinations.

There have now been more than twice as many deaths recorded following COVID-19 shots during the past 9 months since the COVID-19 shots were given emergency use authorization, than deaths recorded following ALL vaccines for the past 30 years.

From January 1, 1991, to November 30, 2020, the last month before the COVID shots were given emergency use authorization, there were only a total of 6,068 deaths recorded (mostly infant babies) following ALL vaccines.”

COVID-19 jabs have terrible effect on young people. The CDC and FDA insist that all teenagers get the jab. Now they are targeting toddlers.

Watch this video and this one, too.

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