CDC Lies About C-19 Shot Safety! 15 People Die For Every Saved Life!

Vaccines are deadly

The CDC and FDA assay COVID-19 jabs can help you avoid serious side-effects. Well, we know that a lot of people died as a result of these vaccines. The VAERS reports have confirmed many vases, but the CDC ignores this.

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According to the CDC and the FDA, the propensity to VAERS reports is higher in 2021. They also said that all the cases are actually linked to other issues that are not caused by the jab.

What about all the people who died after getting the jabs?

The CDC paper

Five CDC experts and authors wrote the paper. They observed the sensitivity of the VAERS for anaphylaxis and Guillain-Barre syndrome and released the report a year ago.

The paper suggests that severe side effects have been reported by at most a factor of 8.3 URF. In other words, in the best case, a reporting rate of serious side effects is 8.3x higher than the reported rate ”for that symptom could be safely ignored as simply due to a higher propensity to report the naturally occurring rate of background events.’’

What about this year? Many side effects are at a rate higher than this number. Every reaction was increased from the previous year. The FDA ignores this. So do the CDC.

Rates of pulmonary embolism

Pulmonary embolism is the most serious side effect. The number of cases annually in VAERS was 1.4. During the pandemic, we could get 11.6 PE in the worst case. However, we have the vaccines, and now we have 1,131 reports which is a 100-fold increase in the “best-case” scenario.

What caused this? Vaccines?

Fauci and his team killed 150,000 Americans. To save one person, they kill 15.

Pfizer’s Phase study suggests that we save one death for every 22,000 people who get the jab. There are 220 million vaccinated individuals and they saved 10,000 lives from COVID-19.

Yes, they killed 15 people for every person they can save.

What about myocarditis? The CDC says myocarditis in vaccinated young men is mild. Well, there isn’t such thing as mild myocarditis.

‘’ Unlike a heart attack, the levels are much higher, and they stay elevated for much longer. The damage done is usually permanent, and it may lead to loss of life within five years. Of course, nobody knows the death rate in 5 years. We’ll find out in 5 years. Our kids are enrolled in the clinical trial of this by getting vaccinated, but we don’t notify the parents of this.’’ The Expose reported.

Vaccinated Americans have to take medication to feel better.

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