CDC Director: Vaccination Passports Are Useless!

They lied…

Double masking was supposed to protect us from the “deadly” virus. Vaccines are the only solution to the plannedemic. Well, a lot of people died right after receiving the experimental jab. This was more than enough for sane Americans to stay away from the vaccine. What happened next? They introduced vaccine passports. Unvaccinated “fools” aren’t allowed to live a normal life. It seems like COVID-19 vaccine passports can help you go wherever you want. Don’t have a passport?

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Don’t worry! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have great news for you!

Rochelle Walensky made a shocking admission in one of her most recent interviews.

The lady said COVID-19 jabs don’t prevent an eventual infection. Vaccines don’t prevent vaccinated individuals to transfer variants of the virus to other people. COVID-19 jabs probably lessen the severity of symptoms. Pay attention to this word: “PROBABLY!”

Here’s part of the latest report from the CDC:

“Both vaccinated, and non-vaccinated people entering a restaurant, business, organization, event, or workplace present the same danger to other people, so how can showing proof of vaccination make a difference?

Furthermore, her entire statement is illogical. There is no indication that asymptomatic vaccinated carriers are asymptomatic as a result of the vaccine. There are almost certainly just as many non-vaccinated carriers who are asymptomatic as Humans Are Free reported.

In the data, the reverse is also true. There are equally as many symptomatic (i.e., sick) vaccinated carriers as there are symptomatic un-vaccinated carriers (i.e., sick). The percentage of vaccinated and non-vaccinated patients in the hospital is identical to the mix of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people around the hospital.

The COVID-19 infection rate continues to rise in regional populations with extraordinarily high vaccination rates. However, the percentage of vaccinated people in hospitals is the same as that of people vaccinated in the community.”

What did the NWO say?

“Nearly 99% of the people of Gibraltar, a Spanish peninsula, are completely vaccinated. Nevertheless, despite the high vaccination rate, COVID-19 cases appear to be increasing at a rate of 2,500% each day.”

Most of Iceland’s population is vaccinated. So, why are they seeing a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases?

I guess Barack Obama doesn’t mind any of this. He wanted a party and ignored all the recommendations. Now we have at least 63 new cases following the party.

Elitists do things differently, huh?

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