Caught On Camera: Car Flips During Wild Police Chase

On Wednesday, we witnessed a high-speed chase that ended with a dramatic rollover. The police went after the suspects of a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, attempted burglary.

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The video recorded from a helicopter showed that one stolen dark SUV was trying to escape the police as it drove along I-95 in Broward County.

As the car was running away from the police, it swerved right in front of two other vehicles, teetering for a second on its wheels, and then hit a guardrail, flipped over while scattering debris.

The police immediately intervened, pulled five young persons from the vehicle, and took them into custody. The suspects didn’t have some severe injuries.

The Fort Lauderdale Police took part in the chase once they noticed the suspects trying to steal another vehicle from a Miami-Dade County home garage. The chase started around 7 am.

At 8 am, the Florida Highway Patrol picked up the chase.

While driving to work, Sharon Glueck’s car got hit.

“I was hit, and I spun around, and I saw another car being hit,” Glueck stated according to WFOR-TV. “When I finally stopped, I saw police had drawn their guns, and they told me to quickly get to the side of the road and wait there to be safe,”

According to the police, some cars that were involved in the hit had bumps and bruises.

“We were extremely lucky that there were no more injuries and that no other vehicles were involved than the ones that were involved in the crash,” Lt. Yanko Reyes, Florida Highway Patrol, said to WTVJ.

In the accident, a bicyclist got hit. He was hospitalized, but he doesn’t have some life-threatening injuries.

According to a relative of the 16-year-old SUV driver, the police didn’t handle the situation very well.

“I’m not justifying the kids’ behavior, they were wrong, but I think the police could have handled it better than what they did,” the woman said.

The Fort Lauderdale Police investigated the attempted car stealing while the Florida Highway Patrol investigates the fast driving and crash.

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