Capitol’s Fence Built After The Riot Costs More Than $19 Million And Lawmakers Debate Its Future!!!

The Fence around the U.S. Capitol is topped with razor wire.

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The authorities fenced the Capitol due to the riot on January 6. This investment costs millions, and the lawmakers discuss whether they should keep it.
Until the end of March, the whole fence will be placed. The total cost for this process is more than $19 million. We got this information from an unauthorized House Democratic aide.

After the terrifying disaster on January 6, the officials decided to build a fence around the Capitol, and it should be 7 feet tall. It was the second fence that was used to secure the Capitol complex. No persons from the public or protestors could enter this space, thanks to the barbed wire.

This fence was crucial and essential to provide the security that must be present! National Guardsmen and police officers non-stop guard the Capitol, and they are armed!

The event from January 6 mustn’t repeat!!!

Currently, the fence is temporary, but according to the Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman, it must be permanent!!

J. Brett Blanton, the Capitol architect, said to lawmakers that the fencing of the object and other security and maintenance expenses had cost $30 million. But the aide clarified everything.

As we said, $19 million were for the fence, and the rest of the money went for funding employee, damage estimates, cleaning the Capitol, etc.

Blanton informed the lawmakers about the damages. Broken glass, doors, and graffiti are only some damages. The historical statues, murals, benches, and many similar things were also damaged from chemical irritants.
As Blanton shared, 30 million dollars won’t be the final figure; it will grow.

Congress must make additional legislation to collect the money for the further costs.

This fence is the source of anger for many lawmakers. They wanted open access to the Capitol. After the all-senator briefing on Wednesday, many senators disagree with keeping the fence.

Senator Mark Warner (D-Va) said:
“While we need to make the Capitol secure, we should not turn it into an armed camp….these buildings are owned and are for the benefit of all Americans, and they should be easily accessible to all Americans,”

Blanton is part of a panel of officials overseeing the Capitol Police. He testified about the Capitol riot on January 6.  His testimony is among the several congressional probes into the event.

The Capitol Police chief, Pittman, will tell lawmakers that many police officers weren’t sure if they could use deadly force in the Capitol riot.

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