Canadians Forced To Take The COVID-19 Vaccine! PM Trudeau ‘’Stop Throwing Stones At Me’!!! [MUST WATCH]

All the effort we invested in escaping fascism and communism was for nothing because it came back to us.

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Fascism and communism are taking control over Canadian values, and that’s happening very quickly! Folks, we are those who have to fight back the dictatorship!

No one else can eliminate it!

If we don’t fight back, we will be the slaves, and the big bosses will live their best life.

Justin Trudeau cried, ‘’Stop throwing stones at me.!’’ Why?

In this article, you will see one Canadian University professor Julie Ponesse being blackmailed. His directors offered him only two options, to take or refuse the vaccine. If he takes the vaccine, nothing will happen, and he will live happily ever after. But, if he refuses the vaccine, then he will lose his job.

See the end of the story in the video below:

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