C-19 Vaccine Spike Proteins Destroy The Organism, Causing Heart Attacks, Strokes And Other Diseases!

The spike proteins that the vaccine causes can be shed. This shedding affects the unvaccinated people around the vaccinated, causing them severe heart complications. When a person receives the vaccine, the mRNA enters the body and orders the creation of the spike protein. This way, the immune system can detect the C-19 virus and eliminate it as soon as possible.

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But, the spike protein is responsible for the vaccine’s side effects. The unvaccinated population can’t be safe because the mRNA spike proteins are created forever, creating side effects and complications.

Healthy and unvaccinated people around the vaccinated can get the spike proteins too.

“Essentially, all of these vaccinated people are like a bioweapon,” commented the host of Stranger Than Fiction News. “If this spike protein is like airborne … that has an impact on everyone.”

Medical people know that vaccines can shed spike proteins from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated.
America’s Frontline Doctors speak about this shedding since the vaccine rollout.

“Identifying Post-Vaccination Complications & Their Causes: An Analysis of COVID-19 Patient Data” report says that the spike protein can spread to close contact of the vaccinated.

People exposed to the spike proteins can get “pericarditis, shingles, pneumonia, blood clots in the extremities and brain, Bell’s palsy, vaginal bleeding, and miscarriages have been reported in persons who are near persons who have been vaccinated,” read the AFLDS report.

The shedding affects the unvaccinated children if they spend too much time among the vaccinated teachers and parents. They are safe from the virus, and the children shouldn’t get vaccinated.

“Our other concern is that children could develop long-term chronic autoimmune disease including neurological problems due to the fact that children have decades ahead of them and trillions of the spike proteins,” read the report.

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