BUSTED: This Aircraft Is Not In Kabul!!!

Who is lying now?

The situation in Afghanistan attracted the attention of the entire world.

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Shocking videos made rounds on the internet, showing thousands of Afghans desperately trying to leave the country. Some of them tied themselves to the landing gear of evacuation aircrafts. They all died. A lot of people died during the chaos at the international airport in Kabul. Who is responsible for this?

Guess what… Someone tried to sneak in a bunch of fake stories.

Check out the original statement announcing the shocking video. It’s a breaking info, remember?

“This is a dang good eye-opening video! I pray this video doesn’t get shut down! The news loves lying to people and they love creating fear and distraction techniques! Well done Monkeywerx. Sheeple

I feel you’re being wise by not showing certain things! even though they may not have the Internet we can’t underestimate the enemy! And we have to protect our men so thank you for not showing everything! ALL!

I work at that embassy and have done rotations at the HKIA airport. That section is not military, it’s run by the Department of State. They use it to transport personnel to the embassy through helo. ”

They are busted.

The situation in Kabul was horrible and Afghans will deal with serious problems in the future. Their future is doomed. They have nowhere to go. But, why would anyone sneak in such an awful video?

The world needs to know the truth and these fake videos won’t really help us get the bigger picture. There are a lot of shady things in the whole situation. They are as shady as Joe Biden’s photoshopped photo from Camp Davis.

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Source: The True Defender

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