BUSTED! StL County Health Director Dr. Faisal Khan Caught In HATE HOAX! Accused Anti-Maskers Of Shouting Racial Slurs And Shoving Him — VIDEO PROVES HE LIED!

It’s over…

St. Louis County Commissioner Sam Page implemented a new mask mandate in the county in order to prevent the spreading of the delta variant. Well, the mandate was brought to an end on the very second day.

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On Tuesday night, a day after Page pushed the mandate into full effect in the country, the mandate was overturned in a simple 5-2 vote.

There’s more…

St. Louis County Health Director Dr. Faisal Khan surprised everyone with his testimony at the meeting. Khan said he was pushed and insulted on his way out of the meeting.

The mainstream media covered the “incident.”

Dr. Khan stands behind the mask mandate and now he says locals shoved him and yelled racial slurs at him.

MSNBC invited him to share details of the awful incident:

Here’s what Joe Hoft reported last Friday on Dr. Khan’s alleged assault:

“The County Council should investigate the allegations from Mr. Kahn. If evidence of what he claims is found then it should be addressed. Surely this is all on tape. If there is no evidence of what he said, then Mr. Kahn should be dealt with in an appropriate manner. What city in America wants a Health Director who lies?”

On Monday, St. Louis County released a surveillance video. We can see Dr. Khan leaving the building. As you can all see, there was no shoving and there were no racial slurs shouted at him.


Khan was the one who flipped off the crowd at the controversial meeting.

The officer who escorted Khan out of the room will testify against the dirty liar.

On Monday afternoon, State Rep. Dottie Bailey called on the so-called doctor to resign.

Here’s what she wrote:

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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