BUSTED: NY Gov. Cuomo’s Deadly Nursing Home Scandal is Now Going to the Next Level

Andrew Cuomo has to RESIGN

The New York Governor will have to take a step back after the latest report. NY legislators have to do something to stop the nonsense.

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The Wall Street Journal reported that Cuomo hide data about the terrible March 2020 decree, his aides also deleted data and altered documents to fool us all. Cuomo sent COVID-19 nursing home residents back to their facilities.

“New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top advisers successfully pushed state health officials to strip a public report of data showing that more nursing-home residents had died of Covid-19 than the administration had acknowledged,” WSJ reported, citing sources familiar with the report.

“The July report, which examined the factors that led to the spread of the virus in nursing homes, focused only on residents who died inside long-term-care facilities, leaving out those who had died in hospitals after becoming sick in nursing homes,” WSJ continued. “As a result, the report said 6,432 nursing-home residents had died—a significant undercount of the death toll attributed to the state’s most vulnerable population.”

“The changes Mr. Cuomo’s aides and health officials made to the nursing-home report, which haven’t been previously disclosed, reveal that the state possessed a fuller accounting of out-of-facility nursing-home deaths as early as the summer of 2020,” the report continued. “The Health Department resisted calls by state and federal lawmakers, media outlets and others to release the data for another eight months.”

Thousands of elderly seniors lost their lives. It’s time for Cuomo to sign his resignation.

This is not the only problem Cuomo has at the moment. At least three women accused Cuomo of sexual harassment. His inappropriate behavior shocked us all. He invited women to play “strip poker,” and also tried to kiss and touch them. Cuomo made sexual advances to those women.

This report was the final drop. Cuomo has to go.

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