Bullish NOAH Returns: Nancy Pelosi Stunned By Return Of Trump MAGA Rallies!

The entire situation amuses Noah.

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If you aren’t familiar with the event, we’ll explain it to you.

Some joker signed Noah’s email up for Pelosi’s fundraising email list. These people thought they harmed Noah, but no!

Noah wants to see what his foes are doing, and now, they invited him into their camp! They found his email address but couldn’t realize his real name (NOAH), so they signed him as ‘’Bullish.’’

However, he doesn’t mind it. So from now on, his nickname is BULLISH NOAH.

The entire situation, as Noah explains, reminded him of Clement’s prophecies about Trump. The prophecies say that he would resemble a Bull in a China shop, disrespecting Republicans or Democrats or traditions.

Now we will show you the last email Noah received.

It was supposed to be a fundraising email! How pathetic can the Dems be?

They are weak and worthless, even in the situations like this one.

In the beginning, they are stunned, and later they speak about how worried they are that President Trump is taking away the majority in Congress, and at the end, win the Presidential election! It’s hilarious!

The Dems are scared!

They stole the Presidential election and are panicking because Trump is returning. We aren’t talking about the 2024 election.

The Dems know that, and we can see their panic from the fundraising email. Please, continue with the job you’re doing – being hilarious and pitiful!

Join Our Telegram channel here: https://t.me/TheTrueReporter

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