Buffalo Mass Shooting Livestream: Alleged Manifesto & Video Leave More Questions Than Answers [VIDEO]

Payton Gendron drove three hours to kill 10 people

Was this 18-year-old a racist? Was this “a standard Deep State false flag”?

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What about the 180-page manifesto? The mainstream media didn’t say a word about this. What about the video of the shooting? The evil young man was livestreaming to Twitch.

The tragedy took place at 2:30 p.m. on May 14 at the Tops Friendly Market. Gendron drove from Conklin, New York, to attach the market. According to initial reports, 11 of 13 victims were African-American.

Truth is, we don’t know a thing about the origin of the manifesto. Who leaked it? Some of the elements of the manifesto are fabricated.

What about these photos? This man is not Gendron. This is Sam Hyde. We all know that Hyde has been linked to several mass shootings in the past. Some recognize his image from the debunked “Ghost of Kyiv” hoax.

Here’s the real shooter:

He is wearing a sonnenrad, a patch adorned by Ukraine’s Azov battalion.

Alleged Buffalo Shooter Manifesto

In the live-streamed video we can see the shooter driving around a residential area. He was carefully picking his target. The shooter decided to park right in front of the Tops Friendly Market.

“Just gotta go for it,” he said.

First, he shoots a white woman who was passing by. He entered the market and shot a few more people. In his next step, the shooter reloaded his weapon and fired another round into the head of one of his victims.

Strange thing happened when the shooter said, “Sorry” and left one of the men alive.

Watch the video here.

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Source: RedVoiceMedia

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