Brutal Takedown Of Biden Leaves CNN Panel Speechless, Anderson Cooper Looked Completely Dumfounded [VIDEO]

Joe Biden FAILED

In his first year as the President of the United States, Biden increased inflation, clime rates, and COVID deaths. What a “great” man, right!

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Biden enjoys the support of 33% of all citizens. Even CNN can’t ignore this failure!

In a CNN segment aired right after Biden’s first press conference of 2022, Anderson Cooper had an interesting question for Scott Jennings. What does he think about Biden’s speech?

Jennings used his time to blast the so-called President for adding fuel to the fire in Russia and Ukraine. He also criticized Biden’s role in the fight against the “deadly” virus. There’s more.

Democrats bashed Donald Trump throughout his entire presidency. They said he was working with Russians. Nancy Pelosi and her crew said Trump doesn’t know how to handle the pandemic. Their presidential candidate is nothing like Trump. He is a creepy old man. That’s all.

The video is available is available on Rumble.

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Source: Red Voice Media

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