Britney Spears Just Signaled She’s Ready to Reveal Every Dirty Secret Hollywood is Hiding…

The superstar hints she is willing and ready to reveal the entire truth to the world

Right now, Britney Spears is standing at a great crossroads, and she can literally blow the lid off Hollywood, sky-high.

In such a position, she gets all the support from a very good friend of hers, Hollywood A-lister Rose McGowan.

Spears is now going through a battle to get rid of the current “conservatorship” that she’s been living under for more than a decade.

Recently, she detailed the “abusive” nature of the conservatorship that her father, 68-year-old James Parnell Spears oversees.

Back in 2008, her dad first obtained the conservatorship over Britney’s entire life and all of her money.

Now, Spears listed a slew of allegations to the court, including that she’s been forced to take birth control so she can’t have another child, she was forced to take lithium after she disagreed with dance choreography, and she was forced to do concert tours.

McGowan was the first to out infamous pervert Harvey Weinstein, and she is now fighting hard for Brittney.

She actually discussed her support of Spears on Tucker Carlson’s show.

She claims that Spears is gearing up to “blow the lid” off the “Hollywood rot.”

Watch the video below:

Britney Spears is currently fighting to put an end to her conservatorship, and she also asks for permission to do a tell-all public interview to expose those involved with her case.

Wow, she is willing to reveal all the dirty secrets that are still floating around Hollywood.

Will she be allowed to do that?



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