Brevard County Florida School Employees Used Nylon Rope To Tie Face Mask Onto Nonverbal Down Syndrome Student For 6 Weeks

They forced kids to wear face masks

That’s abuse!

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Kids have almost zero risk of developing COVID-19 complications. Masks can’t do a thing… These pieces of fabric are useless. Why would Joe Biden force kids to do wear masks? Moreover, masks can cause serious health issues:

-Obstructed breathing

-Inhibited oxygen intake

-Bacterial pneumonia 

-Fungal infections

-Gum Disease

Mask mandates will only make things even words. School boards still follow Biden’s guidelines. Kids in European schools aren’t forced to wear their masks. Why would our schools abuse kids?

Florida Governor DeSantis banned school mask mandates, but school boards still follow the same rules.

That’s exactly what happened in Brevard County. Parents of kids with special needs would be frustrated!

School employees tried to force a girl with nonverbal Down Syndrome to wear her face mask. Should we say that the girl didn’t want to have anything on her face? School employees used nylon rope to tie the mask on the girl’s face. They were doing this for six weeks.

The girl’s father found out about the abuse when he noticed the nylon rope on his daughter’s head. I guess school employees forgot to remove it.

Imagine the horror on his face!

Child abusers have to be punished.

The Brevard County School Board supported this torture. They ignored the ill practice.

FOX 35 Orlando reported this:

The father of a special needs child with Down syndrome is speaking out, still fuming that his 7-year-old daughter came home from Ocean Breeze Elementary School with a mask tied around her head.

“I was so angry so I waited four days from Thursday 7th to Tuesday after Columbus Day because I really need to calm down,” said Jeff Steel.  “When this child got off the bus and had the mask it was tied around the back of her head underneath her ponytail and it was quite tight around her face.”

He said it was so tight, his daughter Sophia struggled to communicate and breathe.

“Medically, she could aspirate. She could asphyxiate all sorts of medical things that could happen and because of her breathing because of her enlarged tongue could cause seizures,” Steele said.

The father said he always assumed Sophia was exempt from the mask mandate because of her disability.  He’s furious no one from the school ever called him.

“Why in the world, since the mandate happened back in September and you were going to begin to put this on my child then tie it on my child, would you never pick up the phone and call me and ask me to give me my informed consent?” Steele asked.

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