BREAKING: Police Shoot 15-Year-OId Black Girl In Columbus, Here Is What Media Won’t Say

One girl at the age of 15 got fatally shot on Tuesday, around the same time the “guilty” verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial was announced.

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“Columbus Police said one person was killed in an officer-involved shooting on the east side of the city Tuesday afternoon,” NBC report reads. “One person was initially taken to Mount Carmel East hospital in critical condition, according to Columbus Police, and was pronounced dead at 5:21 p.m.,”

“Columbus Police said the victim is not a police officer.”

There is bodycam footage, which shows that the victim is a girl at the age of 15. Be aware that it is a Graphic video.


If you observe the video, you will notice that the girl had a knife.

WBNS shared some details about this event.


NBC4 also covered the story, but they couldn’t say for sure what happened.

After the event, the BLM gang gathered to confront the police officers on the scene. All the protesters continued to join together because the nation is still on edge since Chauvin’s trial end.


However, this may be a case where the people are jumping to conclusions before everything is cleared. The police have to investigate the stabbing. Also, other reports show that the girl stabbed the officer with a knife. But, third reports say that she just defended herself from another woman. The Columbus police department still hasn’t given any information about the event.

It is a similar event to the 13-year-old Adam Toledo, Chicago case. Americans believed that the event could happen to anyone and not to someone posing a threat to others.

“Police said the initial call for a stabbing was received at approximately 4:30 p.m., with the shots fired call coming in at 4:45 p.m,” NBC reported.

National Guard troops were called to a couple of towns throughout the U.S. to guard the streets of possible rioting over the George Floyd case. ANTIFA plans to riot regardless of the trial’s outcome.

“Portland Mayor [Ted Wheeler] has declared a state of emergency in the city,” Ngo shared. “Oregon state police and national guard are also on standby. #Antifa has put out flyers calling for violence tonight regardless of the trial outcome.”

However, the rioters planned the riot in New York City!


L.A. sounds the alarms!


The radical left is searching for an excuse just to cause riots, and the Columbus case may be the perfect motive!

Moreover, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortes announced that Chauvin’s guilty verdict isn’t enough.

Also, Rep Rashida Tlaib commented on this issue.


This is the worst thing that could have happened at a very inconvenient time.

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