BREAKING: Ontario Clinic Accidentally Giving 6x Stronger COVID Booster To Dozen People!

The PH Department stated that this is extremely rare!

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It’s hazardous!

On January 8, 2022, the Schomberg Medical Clinic was the place where people went to get their C-19 booster shots when they got much more than they asked for.

A higher dose of the regular C-19 booster shot was given to 20 people that arrived there to get the booster jab.

According to reports, “the person giving the shot is supposed to dilute the liquid prior to injecting it, but these people got calls telling them that didn’t happen. Each Pfizer vial is said to contain 0.25mL of the liquid. Saline is added prior to injection, and it becomes enough for six doses. In these cases, however, there was no dilution, and each person was given a full vial of the shot.”

“Before being administered, a fact sheet shows that each vial must be thawed and injected with nonpyrogenic distilled water after adding 1.8 mL of 0.9 percent sodium chloride. Each vial contains six 0.3 mL doses.” The report continued.

Among the people included in the mistake was a 75-years old man who said that the vaccine made him feel “very lethargic and confused.”

The daughter of the man talked to CTV News and stated, “He had no appetite. He wasn’t eating for about two days.” She took her dad to his regular doctor. “My dad luckily was okay,” she continued. “He had his blood checked, his heart rate checked. We did everything that public health told us to do, including contacting poison control.”

“We know this type of incident can cause anxiety for many people,” Patrick Casey, Director of Corporate Communications, said. “Rest assured COVID-19 vaccines are safe, and administration errors are extremely rare.”

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