BREAKING NEWS: MUST-READ: Boyland’s Family Is Denied Her Full Autopsy Report! The Family Plead For Government Investigation! PLEASE HELP THIS FAMILY!!!

The family Boyland whose daughter died on January 6 event, has been denied her full autopsy report by the DC Medical Examiner’s office and the DOJ.

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The Gov. of the District of Columbia Metropolitan PD denied the family to give the video where they will see her daughter’s death. Because of that, the father filed a Freedom of Information Act, where he asked to obtain the video.

You can see the request and denial here: Freedom of Information Act Request and Denial

Rep. Louie Gohmert blasted AG Merrick Garland about this death and the latest emerging video where we can see that Rosanne Boyland had been beaten and killed by the DC Police Officer on Capitol Steps.

Gohmert asked Garland if a determination was made to the police officer who struck Rosanne Boyland in the head with a rod prior to her death. Garland moved on to fool the population and stated, “he believed there was an investigation.” That’s incorrect!

“It is because she was a Trump supporter,” said her sister Lonna Cave. “There is no other explanation as to why they wouldn’t care about the death of an American citizen, potentially by police. Just another dead Trump supporter, who cares? That’s the way I feel they are treating this.”

In January, the Government and the MSM falsely reported that Boyland died of a drug overdose. But then we shared the video and eyewitnesses testimonies that proved Boyland died due to police brutality.

Cave, the oldest sister in the family, raised her voice, reached the media, and asked for a formal investigation by the Government.

“We tried to be nice about it, tried to keep politics out of it,” said Cave. “That got us nowhere. We were afraid to speak out because we were getting death threats, people saying we were a family of terrorists. We were made to feel ashamed. But it has come to a point where we need help.”

For months, the family has been trying to get some information from the Government. However, they have been facing obstacles and barriers constantly.

“We have been denied her full autopsy report with investigative data,” said her mother, Cheryl Boyland. “They initially told us we would be able to get it, but now they are withholding it from us. They are telling us we have to get an attorney to sue for it. That we can’t have our own daughter’s full autopsy and medical records from that day.”

A few months ago, one video was shared where the family saw what really happened to her daughter before her death. They were still recovering from the shock, and they decided to move on and push an investigation. Once they asked for a second opinion on the autopsy, they couldn’t get a copy of the full first autopsy of their daughter.

Take a look at the video below:

“We always knew 100 percent Rosanne did not die of a drug overdose; she was completely clean,” said her father, Bret Boyland. “She ran a sobriety meeting for her friends just the night before on January 5 before she left for Washington DC.”

The medical examiner told the family that Rosanne died due to a drug overdose, but the results from toxicology stated that in her blood, there wasn’t a presence of fentanyl.

The examiner made a decision to dub Boyland’s death as an ‘’amphetamine overdose,’’ highlighting that the prescription drug Adderall has amphetamine salts as its main ingredient.

“It is incredible to me that the parents of this poor defenseless woman seen being brutally beaten by police would be denied her full autopsy reports,” said Newsmax host John Tabacco of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “It makes a logical person wonder, what are they trying to hide? Not only about what happened to Ms. Boyland but also about that day in its entirety.”

“Rosanne was also my friend, not just my daughter,” said Boyland. “We did a lot of things together- just the two of us. She was my only daughter that loved to fish with me; we liked to dig for crystals & rocks in the quarries together- we only recently visited the “Cradle of Diamonds State Park” in Arkansas. We would just pitch a rugged tent and enjoy the outdoors. I miss her so much.”

Rosanne lived with her parents in Georgia for the past eight years.

“We got lucky; we got to spend a lot of time with her,” said Boyland. “We would take a few trips a year and see the country in the RV. On one of the last trips we went on, we stopped in Roswell, New Mexico- the alien Capital of the world- at Rosanne’s request. She was so excited. Rosanne loved aliens and ghosts, that sort of thing. We visited haunted houses; she was a lot of fun. She loved her family, and we love her… and still trying to make sense of our life without her in it.”

Boyland recalls the first time he cooked spaghetti after his daughter’s death. “She loved my special sauce,” he confided. “My sauce is not from a jar; I use my special spices. It was Rosanne’s favorite. When I made it for the first time after she was gone, I think my heart just broke smelling it, tasting it. It still does, every time.”

“It was one of the most exciting days for her,” he recalled. “She ran in the house, so excited she obtained these recipes, ready to start in on cooking and to test them out. She loved those recipes.”

“She is not a terrorist; she is not an insurrectionist,” said her sister Lonna. “Rosanne was a beautiful person with a heart of gold that would take the shirt off her back for you. We miss her tremendously every single day, and we want to do right by her. We won’t let history remember her inaccurately- I don’t want my daughters growing up learning about this event in school and thinking that their Aunt RoRo was a terrible person like the media has painted her.”

“My sister jumped through hoops to be able to vote for Donald Trump,” said Cave. “It meant so much to her to be able to vote for the first time. She had to make sure her probation was cleared, and all her records were straightened out. I can only imagine how it felt to someone like her who fought so hard to get a chance to vote and then felt like the election was stolen. Of course, I understand why she went there. I wish she didn’t, or she would be alive, but I understand.”

“It is no secret that she had been in trouble for past drug use, but she was sober for seven years, and she was a drug counselor,” said Cave. “She helped so many people in their addiction recovery. That is her legacy. She fought so hard for her sobriety, and I will not let history rewrite the truth. Please anyone that can help us- if you have video of the incident, please send it to Citizens Against Political Persecution and call on your senators and representatives to ask “The January 6 Commission” to open an investigation into the death of my sister Rosanne.”
The Boyland family attempted to find aid with the funds needed to get an attorney to help them get their daughter’s medical records, autopsy, and body camera of the police officers, especially of Lisa Morris, the one hitting Rosanne with a stick.

“It isn’t fair that we have to scour through thousands of hours of video looking for answers,” said her sister Cave.

“It hurts so bad to watch a video of my sister being beaten and lying unconscious. I am hoping a real investigation happens so we can take a break from this. I am also asking the Government to release any footage of my sister to us before they leak it accidentally to the media like they did earlier this year.”
Cave was referring to the DOJ leak of Capitol video from January 6 to the media, and it included a clip that was re-aired on MSNBC, where the host Mika Brzezinski showed the violent Trump Supporters ‘’attacking’’ police.
No one noticed the brutal beating; if they have noticed that, surely they won’t publish it.
*See their embarrassing video below. It was not until The People’s January 6 Commission’s Gary McBride noticed it and brought it to this reporter’s attention that the truth finally started to emerge.

All these videos show is that the January 6th men in prison right now we’re the only ones helping her,” said Cave.

“The police did nothing to help her as the news portrayed. ”

Watch this video:

“We want to know what happened to her,” said her mother, Cheryl. “There is a big lapse in the video they are releasing. There is no footage of her before she goes down and is beaten by the police officer, and then again, there is a lapse after the police drag her unconscious body away by the foot like she wasn’t even a human. What did they do to her once they dragged her inside the Capitol? Where did they take her? There is an hour and 15-minute time span she is unaccounted for. Did they even try to help her? It doesn’t add up. I watched the January 6th Committee hearing, and it seems the officers lied under oath.”

Below you can read a copy of the letter that Cheryl Boyland sent to the DC Metro Police!

Detective Shell,

Since you are responsible for the investigation into Rosanne’s death, perhaps you could check into some concerns.  We are very upset about the release of videos showing her death, but also some other things.

While my last email was about a Metro PD officer (identified by the media as Lila Morris), many concerns revolve around actions of the Capitol Police. 

One of our biggest questions remains — What happened to Rosanne in the hands of the police?

Although multiple headlines say things like the last article I sent:

“New January 6 body cam videos show police trying to help a trampled Trump supporter being brutally beaten with flagpoles and batons by mob”

there are no videos that show any officer trying to help her.  

In fact many videos show the rioters trying to protect her from the female officer with the stick. The protesters have to move her away to administer CPR because the police refused to help.

My next paragraph describes the beginning of the 4th video here (the one with the Warning statement):

Once they (the protesters) realize that CPR is not working, they return her to the police line, but, again they are refused help.  In fact, the police spray them all with tear gas (or whatever they are using) as they’re trying to give Rosanne to them.  One man re-starts CPR because the police ignore them as they scream “She’s dying!”.  

It is not until after 4:30 that the police start to drag Rosanne by one foot into the building. These actions by the police appear to make several of the rioters get violent again.

Our concerns continue after Rosanne is taken inside the Capitol.  During the video of the January 6th Commission hearings, we find that she has been taken to several places inside before the EMTs arrive 75 minutes later (although it was only 24 minutes after that she was declared dead at the hospital).

At 39:39 Capitol Police Officer Aquilino Gonell (after swearing “to tell the truth, the whole truth, and but the truth”) states:

“It was not until 4:26 P.M. after giving CPR to one of the rioters who breached the Capitol in an effort to save her life that I finally had a chance to let my own family  know I was alive.”

It wasn’t until 4:31 P.M. that any officer tried to help Rosanne, so how is it possible that 4:26 was after giving her CPR?

Further testimony is also disturbing.  We would like an explanation of exactly what happened inside.

At 1:28:25 Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn states:

“In the crypt I encountered Sergeant Gonnell who was giving assistance to an unconscious woman who had been in a crowd of rioters on the west side of the Capitol.  I helped to carry her to the area of the House Majority Leader’s office where she was administered CPR.”

Thank you for your help,

Cheryl Boyland

They are still waiting for a response. According to the victim’s family, the capitol police didn’t want and didn’t help Rosanne!

“These blatant errors under oath is a testament to the credibility or rather a non-existent credibility of Nancy Pelosi’s phony January 6th Committee,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “At best, they are inaccurate and irresponsible. At worst, the officers are knowingly lying under oath. If these politicians have a single iota of respect, they will open an immediate and transparent investigation into the death of Roseann Boyland.”

“We need to help these folks crowdsource for proper attorneys, simply because the government will not release any of this information or video willingly,” said Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “It does not go with their narrative. Their false narrative is that Trump supporters were insurrectionists- but the truth is emerging that police attacked, provoked, and killed Trump supporters. The truth that is emerging around the case of Boyland is that she was a peaceful protester that was beaten viciously by police, who more than likely killed her. Trump supporters were the only ones trying to help her, not the police. Many of those supporters now languish in jail in solitary confinement, stripped of their voices. An innocent family is left with no answers as to the death of their daughter. That is the real story the Government is trying to hide so they can continue to capitalize on the unfortunate events of that day- now at the large expense of an average American family.”

“I tried to stop her from going,” said Cheryl Boyland as she recalled one of the last things her daughter said to her before she left for Washington DC on January 6:

“Mom, if anything happens to me in Washington DC, at least it was for something I believed in.”

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