BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Stella Immanuel Advises Vaccinated: Medicate With Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamins To Survive The Winter Virus! WATCH

Dr. Stella Immanuel has something to say…

This winter will bring a lot of terrible things to us. Enter COVID-19. The virus may deplete our immune system, and fully vaccinated people won’t be able to prevent respiratory issues. Vitamins, minerals… They say we should take this all!

In 2020, Immanuel said that HCQ can tread voronavirus, and the mainstream media tried really hard to destroy the reputation of the Frontline Doctor.

Joe Biden, his friend Fraudci, the Big Pharma, and all the fake media censored HCQ. They force people to take the deadly jab.

The Cameroon doctor wages a $100 million lawsuit against CNN and Anderson Cooper for defamation.

The brave lady works in ER and treats patients diagnosed with COVID-19. Yes, these people need the proper treatment to wake up in the morning.

“This is what I will tell people who have received the vaccine: you have received a genetic material. Most of you were deceived when receiving it,” she said. “When we make a vaccine, we usually take a piece of the virus, bacteria, and inject it in your deltoid. That piece of material sits in that position, and then your body produces antibodies, it’s fighting it in that position.”

“Your body – it produces memory cells that remember the virus or bacteria. The next time you have exposed to it, your body mounds a huge immune response.”

Coronavirus vaccines “do things” differently.

“In this situation, that’s not what they did,” Immanuel explains. “They actually put together a genetic code, and they inject this code into your system. This code tells your body to produce the spike protein, which is what kills people from coronavirus in the first place.”

The video is available on Rumble.

Source: The True Defender

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