BREAKING NEWS: Do You Have Any Idea What The AZ Numbers Revealed?!

The great awakening comes with the numbers that will shake the sleepy Americans.

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We knew about the fraud even before the official report was released.

“Already the Arizona Audit has found 275,000 potential fraudulent ballots – in just ONE county!’’

That includes 168,000 (ballots) that were printed on thin paper outside of the regulations of Maricopa County,” Harrington said in mid-July. “You have 75,000 ballots that were supposed to be mailed out, but they have no record of them ever being sent. You also have 18,000 voters who were purged from the voter rolls, who voted in the election but were purged after the election.”

The latest report follows after the AZ report confirmed the same! We could spot only a slight difference. The concept of election fraud is as known as previously, so fraud is a fraud.

Take a look at the video below:

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