BREAKING: Mentally Disabled Patients In California Forcibly Injected With The Coronavirus Vaccine!

The video that we will share with you in this article isn’t pleasant to watch at all!

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How can someone do that to these vulnerable people?

However, from the video, you can see and hear that they are screaming and crying.  The officials are forced to restrain them by force.

Alex Villanueva, the Los Angeles County Sheriff, initiated a program ‘’Operation Homebound’’, and the vaccination process of the people with disabilities, is part of it.

The program is made to vaccinate home-bound and underserved Los Angeles residents with disabilities.The project includes homeless people.

The Sheriff’s Department shared that LASD works with local community organizations similar to the Integrated Community Collaborative and Disability Voices United to reach out to LA’s needy residents, offering them to ‘’save their lives.’’

Watch the video:

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