BREAKING: Marjorie Taylore Greene Confirms FEDERAL LAWSUIT Against Pelosi To Be Filed

Nancy Pelosi is up to no good

The House Speaker is trying to cover up the dirt left behind her people. She was never interested in the truth. Oh wait. Pelosi knows the truth but she would rather turn a blind eye to it.

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We are getting really close to the real truth this time.

Guess what… Pelosi will soon be hit with a major federal lawsuit. Marjorie Taylor Greene and other GOP Reps are filing the lawsuit. I guess Pelosi didn’t see this coming.

Federal authorities haven’t released the security footage. Americans want the truth. Democrats claim they have nothing to hide. So, where’s the footage? We have to see what happened that day…

Pelosi’s office declined the request for reinforcement.

Officer Sicknick didn’t die because protestors hit him with a fire extinguisher.

Joe Biden cheated and stole the elections.

Will Pelosi get the courage to admit the truth?

Well, we can’t put Pelosi and “honesty” in the same sentence.

Maybe this lawsuit will make Pelosi change her mind.

The whole thing started when Pelosi refused to allow Rep. Jim Jordan in the January 6 Commission.

The Hill wrote the following:

The rejections of Jordan and Banks underscore the lingering animosity surrounding the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, where a violent mob of Trump supporters attempted to block Congress from formalizing the results of the 2020 presidential contest.

Leading up to the attack, a majority of House Republicans had signed on to a lawsuit challenging Biden’s victory, essentially endorsing Trump’s false claims that the election was “stolen,” or tainted by rampant voter fraud. And after the siege, 139 Republicans voted to overturn the results in Arizona, Pennsylvania or both.

Pelosi on Tuesday had said that those votes would not be a factor as she weighed whether to seat McCarthy’s selections on the select committee. Indeed, Nehls, a former sheriff who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, also voted to overturn Biden’s victory in both Arizona and Pennsylvania. Nehls called the Jan. 6 riot “criminal” and “un-American.”

Conservative Brief has more on the lawsuit:

On Monday night, MTG announced on Twitter that she, and others, are bringing forward a lawsuit against Pelosi.

“Once you go up to the top of the flagpole of who is in charge of the Capitol Police… Due to the rules of the United States Capitol, the power structure of the Capitol, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, has more control and authority and responsibility over the leadership of the Capitol Police than anyone else in the United States Capitol,” he said on Sunday.

“So, she doesn’t want us to ask these questions because at the end of the day, she is ultimately responsible for the breakdown of security at the capitol that happened on January 6,” the representative said.

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