BREAKING: Lunatic Leftists Want To Kill Unvaccinated Children?

During the entire pandemic, many fake people showed their real faces. The same happened with the Left, and they have shown the actual colors.

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We can conclude that the lefts are closed-minded, authoritarian, and anti-science. On top of everything, they have deeply ingrained racism. If you don’t fulfill their beliefs, you will probably die.

You know that this is not an overreaction.

Bette Midler, a winner of a Golden Globe, Grammy, Primetime Emmy, and Tony Award, is an example of all the things we mentioned above. Look what she tweeted.


What’s the point of the tweet? Like, if you don’t want your child vaccinated, she wants to find out their allergies to kill them? She’s a complete psychopath! Regardless if that was a joke or not, her comment shouldn’t be shared with the public.

Besides, I can bet that many leftists share her opinion, not mine! Could you take a look at their responses?


Midler struggles with a celebrity platform. Unfortunately, together with her ‘’famous’’ friends, who want to share her nonsense of tweets, influence millions of other people.

However, some of the self-proclaimed liberals used this opportunity to criticize Midler for her tweet.

Daily Wire covered this story.

Sending a warning on Sunday to parents who haven’t vaccinated their children for the coronavirus, actress, comedian, and singer Bette Midler threatened them on Twitter, precipitating harsh criticism after she raged that she would bring peanut butter to school, which is highly dangerous for children with peanut allergies.

Midler, who has one child, a daughter who is 34 years old, tweeted, “If my kid can’t bring peanut butter to school then yours can’t bring the deathly plague. Vaccinate or I’m bringing the Jiffy.”

The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology notes, “The most severe allergic reaction to peanuts is anaphylaxis — a life-threatening whole-body response to an allergen. Symptoms may include impaired breathing, swelling in the throat, a sudden drop in blood pressure, pale skin or blue lips, fainting, and dizziness. Anaphylaxis should be treated immediately with epinephrine (adrenaline), typically administered in an auto-injector.”

Despite the fact that Midler confused Jiffy, which is a popcorn brand, with Jif peanut butter, her message seemed clear enough that fierce backlash ensued, even among those on the Left. One woman who described herself as “super liberal” fired, “I’m super liberal, very pro-vax and science but this isn’t funny. My son, like millions of others, is severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts! If he touches it he gets hives. If he eats even the tiniest amount, his throat closes, no amount of CPR would help. Do better!”

Another woman echoed, “The minute we stop seeing those who are anti-vax, anti-mask, and covid deniers as no longer humans then we understand how the holocaust could happen. They may make sh***y choices but their death shouldn’t be our solution.”

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