BREAKING: HUGE UPDATE From Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett – ONLY 14 PALLETS ARE REMAINING – Out Of 44 Pallets! — And There’s More! (VIDEO)

They are so done

On Wednesday, Jordan Conradson talked to Arizona Forensic Audit Director Ken Bennett about the Arizona Audit. They discussed the pace and procedures of counting ballots.

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Bennett said the following:

Jordan Conradson: Do have an updated total?

Ken Bennett: The best way for me to estimate the total is to count that we’re now down 14 pallets that haven’t been touched. When the county delivered the ballots on April 22nd, there were 46 pallets.  Two of those were just test ballots and some others spoiled ballots and things like that, so pallets with ballots on them or about 44 and we’re now down to 14 so I think we’re quickly coming up on about 2/3 completed.

Conradson: How many boxes are on each pallet?

Bennett: Most pallets have 40 boxes on a pallet, some have 32, but most of them have 40 boxes and it varies but usually, a box has between 1200 and 1300 ballots in each box so a pallet usually has between 40 and 50,000 pallets or ballots on a pallet.

Conradson:  So you’re getting through probably one a day, would you say?

Bennett:  At least. I think we’re doing about one and a half pallets a day, and there’s only 14 left, so if we’re doing one and a half a day counting could be done in the middle of June.

Conradson: So maybe 10 days?

Bennett: Whenever, yeah. The paper valuation goes a little bit slower and is a little more technical all of these boxes in this corral over here have been counted but are awaiting the paper evaluation. There is a lot of work still yet to do on the paper valuation but they’ve increased the paper valuation tables from what was originally 8 to now there’s 32. they’re not all full yet but I think earlier today I saw 22 of the 32 an operation so the paper evaluation catch up quickly also.

Conradson: Alright and paper valuation, there’s a forensic scan of all of the ballots?

Bennett: Yeah see him they’ll scan the back of the ballot and then they’ll flip it over and scan the front of the ballot, then they’ll pass it to another person who puts it under the microscopic cameras that are looking at the alignment marks and also looking at the Oval in the presidential race to make sure that the Oval was filled in by human handheld device, not by a Xerox machine or something like that.

Conradson: And you guys are saving every single ballot image, assigning it a number and everything?

Bennett: Yes

Conradson: What are you going to do with the images? Are they just extra evidence?

Bennett: They’re looking at those ballot images to verify that there’s folds in the ballots that should have folds in it. 1.9 million of the 2.1 million ballots were mailed to the voters and mail back right so and you can usually feel that they are folded but the 5K images being taken by the cameras will also show you where the folds are on the ballot.

Auditors photograph these ballots in 5K to make sure mail-in ballots were folded in envelopes. It’s more than obvious that this is the most thorough forensic audit in US history. It’s also the first audit of its kind. People across the nation have been concerned about mail-in voter fraud for years. However, we haven’t done much to stop it.

There are just 500,000 ballots left on the table and auditors will soon complete the counting. US Patriots are fighting for a better future for our country and the people who live in it.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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