BREAKING: Hollywood Elites Trash Cops At Oscars; ‘Police Will Kill 3 People Today, They Will Kill 3 People Tomorrow’

Joe Biden’s America is a mess

Democrats did their best to put Biden in the White House for one special reason. They really wanted to gain more power. Hollywood needs more power, too.

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They are doing our best to trash all the brave women and men who serve this country.

The Oscars broadcast was horrible. Travon Free used the opportunity to trash the Police. He had the courage to say that police officers will kill three people today, tomorrow, and the next day.

“Today, the police will kill 3 people. And tomorrow, the police will kill 3 people. And the day after that, the police will kill 3 people. Because, on average, the police in America, every day kill 3 people which amounts to about 1000 people a year. And those people happen to be disproportionately Black people. You know, James Baldwin once said, ‘the most despicable thing a person can be is indifferent to other people’s pain. So I just ask that you please not be indifferent. Please don’t be indifferent to our pain,” he said.

He claims the police are killing innocent people all the time. We bet Biden and Kamala Harris are really proud of this. Oh, wait, Biden is probably taking his nap unaware of this mess. Harris is the one pulling the strings. Old Joe is too old to do anything.

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