BREAKING: FBI Involved In Election Fraud!

The FBI made a big mistake

According to January 9th reports, the FBI stopped the forensic analysis of shredded ballots in Georgia. Agents took the ballots away from the team that was already working on the potential fraud. The ballots were taken back to the shredder in order to destroy the last bit of evidence.

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BREAKING: FBI Claims Jurisdiction and Yesterday Took Control of Shredded Ballots Being Analyzed in Georgia – Sends Them Back to Shredder

Two sources have provided more information on the ill practice.

Patrick Byrne, former CEO of was the first to report the story. He took to Twitter to report that the Deep State stole evidence in Georgia.

Update on Georgia ballots: DHS had been trying to move forward this week. Two days ago FBI jumped in claiming jurisdiction. Yesterday 3 PM FBI took control of shredding truck and materials, directed they be returned to shredding operation and the shredding job completed.

We have additional information on the scandal.

The whole thing started when someone hired a shredding company to destroy election material. This “election material” was actually a package filled with ballots and official records from the presidential elections. The company was hired to shred the material. We all know that shredded material is destroyed for good. One can’t put the pieces back together. The FBI knew what they were doing.

The shredded operator spotted something awkward and contacted Trump’s team in Georgia. This man offered additional information on the situation and took the material to the people he talked to first. Trump’s people were trying to expose Joe Biden’s election fraud and the whole thing was really strange to them. They started sifting through the sheets of paper. They found shipment transit receipts related to addresses in China, ballots, and other material related to Biden’s “victory.”

The local DHS investigator was contacted in order to review the material and stop its destruction. The link to China was pretty awkward, and the White House was contacted immediately. DHS officials in Washington D.C. Were also informed of the situation in Georgia. It turns out the DHS in Washington contacted the Bureau. We all know what happened next. That’s what one of the sources suggests.

Believe it or not, a senior DHS person forced the local DHS investigator to take a step back from the case. FBI agents showed up at the scene and shut down the entire operation. They insisted they had jurisdiction over the operation and ordered the shredding of the remaining material.

Someone took photos of the whole thing to prove the Bureau’s role in Joe Biden’s victory. The FBI did help Biden become our president.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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