BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: TGP’s Jordan Conradson Interviews AZ Audit Director Ken Bennett — HUGE DEVELOPMENTS Including Plans To Triple Output And Questions On Number Of Fraudulent Ballots (VIDEO)

Bear in mind that this is the most informative interview about the Arizona forensic audit that has begun one week ago.

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On Friday, Ken Bennett had an interview for the Gateway Pundit. He spoke about the latest developments in the Maricopa County forensic audit.

Arizona Audit Director gave an exclusive on the forensic audit that moved on at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix on Friday.

Below you can read part of the interview from The Gateway Pundit. 

TGP’s Jordan Conradson: So how are things going so far?

Ken Bennett: Overnight we went from 20 counting locations on the floor to 46! The subcontractor is working with a temporary service to get the additional people that is required for that. Hopefully, in the next day or two, they will be ready to fully staff that. And then if we go to three shifts, which we are talking about, we will almost triple our throughput.

Jordan: So have you guys found any ballots that you believe may be fraudulent?

Ken Bennett: No, we won’t be announcing any of that until the end of the audit. So right now they are just counting the ballots. And they are looking at the paper evaluation to see if there are folds in the ballots that were returned by mail. Are the ovals filled in by a handwritten marking instrument as opposed to a xerox machine that just marked a bunch of ballots. All of the audit results and findings will be part of the final report. We’re not gonna do a little bit every day because we might find good things one day and bad things the next.

Jordan: So I wanted to ask why won’t you release the totals on a daily basis? Wouldn’t that be more informative to the public?

Ken Bennett: Well, apparently the contractor, the senate contract with Cyber Ninjas requires that there not be periodic releasing of findings. And so I think they feel strongly that everything is supposed to be in a final report so that everything is taken as a report as a whole. Could we figure out a way on how to release the numbers of ballots we’ve done each day? THat’s not a finding. That’s just a progress report. We’re working on that.

Jordan: What can you say about the latest attempt to shut down this process by three national leftist groups who have petitioned the Biden Department of Justice?

Ken Bennett: All I’ve seen is the Brennan Center letter but I think it was co-signed by some other groups so if that’s what you’re referring to. What I read in their appeal, request to Justice was completely unfounded. All the things they say are at risk of happening, the ballots being lost or stolen or destroyed is totally ridiculous. We have very strong security. The biggest complaint we get every day is people from the media or observers or people trying to get in the building that didn’t get their name on the list… We have a very secure situation. I am trying to find time to send my letter to the Department of Justice to respond to the Brennan Center.

Jordan: I am also hearing about UV lights. Can you tell us what those are for?

Ken Bennett: The UV lights were part of their paper evaluation process. They are used to look for watermarks on the ballots and the county elections assure us there are no watermarks on the ballots… That was part of the things they use to evaluate the paper and things I mentioned earlier.

Jordan: So are you on track to have all the ballots counted by the deadline?

Ken Bennett: Well there is no deadline. We knew when we took this facility over that on May 15th the floor of the coliseum needed to be available for about five days for 18 high schools in the Phoenix union high school district so that they could have graduations over those five days. So we knew that the floor would not be available during that time but there are other portions of the building that we could move the ballots into that are secure and maybe we could even give people a little break for four or five days. And then once the graduation is over then we could come right back in and pick back up where we left off… They told after those five days are over we can have the facility for as long as we need it.

The video is exceptional, and the interviewer was Jordan Conradson from the Gateway Pundit. Also, you must confess that it is the most informative video!

The Arizona Senate and GOP are serious in this job, and History Is Being Made!

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