Breaking: Donald Trump Jr. Criticizes Biden And Cheney For Syria Bombing! 33 Days Were Sufficient! [VIDEO]

Don Trump Jr. slams Biden and Cheney in this CPAC’s speech this Friday! 

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According to him, Liz Cheney supported Biden’s decision to attack Syria, and they needed 33 days!

Republican Party’s future is MAGA!

Townhall shared the details. 

Further on in this article, we will explain Don Jr.’s perspective on Liz Cheney and the GOP Establishment. 

CPAC took place on Friday. There Don. Jr. awarded Florida’s COVID policies with the best possible words. But simultaneously, he criticized the current president Joe Biden, his first month at the office, and the new administration.

He didn’t forget GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney, the main criticizer of former President Donald Trump!

He said: 

“Honestly, guys, what I see in Florida right now, is exemplary of the Republican Party. This is a state, like the party, that has opened schools, opened businesses, and opened churches. What we’ve seen in the more left-leaning states is exactly the opposite. The only thing that they have opened is open borders.”

Donald Trump Jr. also slams Cheney. She voted to impeach President Donald Trump for “inciting an insurrection” at the Capitol! 

“The one thing I will say for Liz Cheney is I’m sure she has a lot of bipartisan support because if there’s one thing, she and Joe Biden definitely want to do, it’s bomb the Middle East.”

Take a look at the video below:

Analyze the next video, too!

This is all accurate!

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