Breaking: Criminal Canadian Monopoly Dr. David Martin Exposes Why Trudeau Won’t Back Down

Dr. David Martin went on the Stew Peters Show to talk about one particular scenario

Dr. Martin exposed the reasons Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had to refuse to enter negotiations with his constituents on the Canadian bioweapon mandate.

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Peters said that in April of 2020, Martin mentioned a quote from Trudeau, where he said, “Normality as it was before will not come back full-on until we get a vaccine for this.”

Was this unfounded?

Trudeau “failed” to mention that Canada controlled the mRNA vaxx platform.

Trudeau was well aware of the fact that the gene therapy was promoted as a “vaccine” just because that was an economic win for Canada. Trudeau didn’t promote science. He just promoted the Canadian economic interest in the gene therapy hat was promoted as a jab.

“Canada has a bad history of this,” Dr. David Martin told Stew Peters. “We’ve had our Kent States, and we’ve had our situations when the legal and then military actions taken against citizens end very badly.”

“These people wrote this because they knew tyrants would be here one day, and look, here they are,” Stew Peters told Dr. Martin.

The video is available on Rumble.

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Source: RedVoiceMedia

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