BREAKING: Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell Have Reached Agreement on Trump Impeachment Trial

The impeachment trial of the former President Trump starts on February, 9th. 


Fox News informed when Senate Leaders Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell reached a consensus on the structuring of former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, and the date of the trial was defined to be on Tuesday, February 9th.

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Here is what Fox News reported:

“Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said on Monday that he, Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and former President Donald Trump’s counsel had reached an agreement on the structure for the upcoming impeachment trial.

That structure will include four hours divided evenly between the Impeachment Managers and Trump’s counsel to present arguments on Tuesday regarding the constitutionality of the trial, followed by a vote.

If the trial proceeds, there will be up to sixteen hours for the Impeachment Managers in the House to lay out their case starting on Wednesday, and 16 hours for Trump’s defense.

There will then be equal time provided for senator’s questions, closing arguments, and Senate deliberations.

It will be up to the managers to request witnesses.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on the Senate floor, stated:

“For the information of the Senate, the Republican leader and I, in consultation with both the House managers and Former President Trump’s lawyers, have agreed to a bipartisan resolution to govern the structure and timing of the impending trial. 

All parties have agreed to a structure that will ensure a fair and honest Senate impeachment trial of the former president.”


Later the announcement was also confirmed by McConnell, who expressed how “pleased” he was to agree to a deal with the Democratic leader:

“I’m pleased that Leader Schumer and I were able to reach an agreement on a fair process and estimated timeline for the upcoming Senate trial. It will give senators as jurors ample time to receive the case and the arguments.”

The legal team of former president Trump later reacted to the news, claiming that it was absurd to impeach a private citizen.

According to the statement of President Trump’s legal team:

President Trump and his counsel are pleased that there was bipartisan support on how to structure the impeachment trial. We appreciate that Senate Republican leadership stood strong for due process and secured a structure that is consistent with past precedent. This process will provide us with an opportunity to explain to Senators why it is absurd and unconstitutional to hold an impeachment trial against a private citizen.”

The legal team also methodically laid out their case against impeachment in a blistering new memorandum on Monday.

The memorandum makes the case for Trump’s innocence in a detailed and methodical manner. In a particular part of the letter, Trump’s lawyers claim that the Democrats are overlooking a “chilling fact” about that critical day.

On page 7 of the memorandum, the Trump legal team confirms that reports of a possible attack on the Capitol were received by law enforcement prior to Trump’s January 6th speech … denying the probability of an immediate “incitement” by Donald Trump’s speech.

The letter read:

“Despite going to great lengths to include irrelevant information regarding Mr. Trump’s comments dating back to August 2020 and various postings on social media, the House Managers are silent on one very chilling fact. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has confirmed that the breach at the Capitol was planned several days in advance of the rally, and therefore had nothing to do with the President’s speech on January 6th at the Ellipse.

According to investigative reports all released after January 6, 2021, “the Capitol Police, the NYPD and the FBI all had prior warning there was going to be an attack on the Capitol…”Embarrassingly enough, even members of the Democratic leadership themselves have admitted on the record, albeit subsequent to January 6, 2021, that they believed the riots were pre-planned, with some, including Representative James C. Clyburn, the House Democratic Whip, going so far as to accuse fellow House Members of coordinating and planning the attack in advance as co-conspirators.”

The team argues:

“Either the President incited the riots, like the Article claims, or the riots were pre-planned by a small group of criminals who deserve punishment to the fullest extent of the law.

The real truth is that the people who criminally breached the Capitol did so of their own to allow a “good crisis” to go to waste, the Democratic leadership is incapable of understanding that not everything can always be blamed on their political adversaries, no matter how very badly they may wish to exploit any moment of uncertainty on the part of the American people.

A simple timeline of events demonstrates conclusively that the riots were not inspired by the President’s speech at the Ellipse. “The Capitol is 1.6 miles away from Ellipse Park which is near the White House. This is approximately a 30-33 minute walk. Trump began addressing the crowd at 11:58 AM and made his final remarks at 1:12 PM… Protesters, activists and rioters had already breached Capitol Grounds a mile away 19 minutes prior to the end of President Trump’s speech.”

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Source: The Hill

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