BRAVO: Georgia Mother ANNIHILATES The Left’s Mask Narrative!

Give this woman an award!

A young mother from Georgia taught Democrats a lesson, but they will hardly understand it. Oh, wait, they do understand it but also do their best to ignore it.

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We got this video on Telegram and wanted to share the good word with others. Listen to this wonderful lady, dear friends! She has something nice to say. Her speech is short and sweet. She is loud and clear. This woman spoke in the name of every decent American out there.

We are using this opportunity to praise this woman for her wonderful speech. It’s filled with emotion and we love her passion.

Let’s do our best to take our lives back to normal. We deserve it. Every citizen in this country deserves it.

Share this video with your friends and family. They need to see this wonderful speech.

Watch it on Rumble. They will soon take it down, so you better hurry up!

Mask mandates are doing more harm than good. Several states have lifted mask mandates. We don’t need masks. Why would vaccinated people wear a mask? Two masks? Joe Biden is crazy. He is forcing us to wear these masks and Dr. Fauci is here to scare us.

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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