Braveheart Actor Michael Mitchell Dies Six Days After Getting Third Pfizer “Booster” Shot For Covid

Michael Mitchell is dead

The Braveheart actor died after getting the recommended “booster” injection for COVID-19 made by Pfizer.

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Former Mr. Universe took two doses of the Sinovac shot in late February. The jab is available in the every other country in this world except for the United States, Russia, and Western Europe. Yes, it’s the same jab that killed Chinese Virus researcher Novilia Sjafri Bachtiar in July.

So, Mitchel got the first two jabs of Sinovac and got pretty scared lately. He didn’t want to get the “delta variant.” The actor didn’t wait a lot and got his third injection, this time from Pfizer. He died right away.

Mitchell was pretty excited about getting Sinovac injections. He didn’t have any side effects and felt really happy. The actor believed that masks can protect people from the “deadly virus.” Yes, he supported Joe Biden’s mask mandate.

On March 31, Mitchell shared a photo to his Facebook depicting Charlie Brown wearing a face mask.

He didn’t stop here. A month later, Mitchell started off his campaign about the Wuhan Flu in Turkey. He believed that those who refuse wearing a facemask are responsible for the rapid increase in cases.

“Oh no Turkey Covid cases have gone crazy, due to dimwits that don’t wear masks and social distance we are going back into complete lockdown as of [7 p.m.] tonight,” Mitchell wrote in a tirade, apparently in Turkey at the time.

On May 2, the actor framed his profile photo with the “Fully Vaccinated” banner. He encouraged everyone to get their jabs all while claiming that only “0.005%” of all vaccine recipients deal with side effects.

“Why do people keep trying to ram it down my throat that I shouldn’t take the vaccine, just saying,” Mitchell wrote and shared a fake news image containing made-up statistics about the “safety and effectiveness” of Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections.

Mitchell died in the marina cabin near the house right after the injection. The mainstream media said he had died from “natural causes.”

In June, the actor celebrated the acceptance of Sinovac as an efficient vaccine for the Chinese Virus.

What does that mean? He took the jab long before it was accepted on international level.

On July 16, Mitchell said that was going after a third jab.

“Well that’s my third jab today Proud to be part of this experiment to save lives,” Mitchell wrote.

Well, this injection killed him.

Mitchell wrote his final social media post on July 21. “P.S. I have had three vaccinations of different brands, so we may learn more about a way forward.”

He died the next day. He didn’t die from heart attack.

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Source: Freedom First Network

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