Brave AZ Senators Wendy, Kelly And Borrelli Are Ready To “ACTIVATE” And “RELEASE THE KRAKEN” after Maricopa Officials Defy Subpoena

We saw this coming…

Maricopa County and Dominion violated Arizona Senate subpoenas for routers, passwords, and other material needed for the forensic audit.

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The Gateway Pundit confirmed that Jack Sellers has already responded to the subpoena after the big defiance with an insulting letter. Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers spoke about this and called for solitary confinement for the traitors.

AZ state senators will try really hard to stop this. China Jack Sellers told them to get ready to defend the forensic audit. In order to get the materials they need to finish it, they will need to enforce the subpoenas.

CCP Chairman Jack Sellers Delivers Letter To Senate After Defiance of Subpoenas — Senator Wendy Rogers Calls for Treason Charges

State Senator Sonny Borelli is standing by to free the Kraken.

State senator Wendy Rogers will probably activate the election integrity unit and bust some doors down.

Donald Trump spoke about these warriors at the rally in Phoenix in July. He invoked them to fight for the routers and get the key data about the election material.

President Trump: “They Are Fighting Like HELL – Why Are These Commissioners Fighting Not To Give The ROUTERS!?”

Why are they hiding the routers? Is this their way of fighting for transparency?

Are they hiding something else?

AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich supports the audit. What’s next on the list?

Arizona Attorney General Brnovich: “States Must Take Steps To Secure Our Elections”

AZ Senators have to finish the deal!

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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