Boston Pastor: Rep Cori Bush “Should Be Arrested For Political And Ideological Malpractice”

I am shocked that Bush has a job!

Boston Rev. Eugene Rivers III, the Seymour Institute for Black Church and Policy Studies director, attended Fox News, only to call out Squad member – Rep. Cori Bush!

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Rivers said that the call to defund the police is ridiculous and absurd. “The call for the defunding police is not wrong. It’s absurd and ridiculous,”

On Friday, Rivers, a community activist, an advisor for the Bush and Clinton administrations, spoke on ‘’Fox and Friends.’’ “It is absolutely an intellectual and ideological crime against Black people to talk about defunding the police.”

“Ms. Bush should be arrested for political and ideological malpractice,” he added. “It is absurd.”

Rev. Rivers III is correct, but what he is saying will never occur. However, if Bush were a Republican, she would have ended up in prison, or impeachment proceedings would have begun.

It concerns that conscience that Bush has a job at all, let alone a representative of tens of thousands of people. If she were in a meeting at a private-sector job and promoted the defunding of the police with proofs that would have cost thousands of lives, she would have fired ten minutes in the meeting.

We can’t forget that Dems only care for color and handouts. They don’t care about what is good for the country.
When people pledge their allegiance to the USS, first they would read “Defend against all Enemies foreign and DOMESTIC,” after it talks about the president.

Well, if the Dems believe the services are right behind them, they have to think twice. A couple of years ago, Cori Bush represented a homeless woman who wasn’t paying her rent and was sued about that. At this point, she’s an activist who is paying tons of money for her protection. Very quickly, she accompanied the elitist political group.

The squad has to pass re-election on which they don’t return.

Currently, she isn’t doing anything to put people at higher risk like Cuomo with ‘’no bail,’’ and De Blasio with cutting NYPD budget aren’t doing as they hide behind 24/7/365 security. However, she is lauder about this and still oppressed.

We support the police, and their lives do matter, just as all lives on Earth.

People are forced to choose between starting something else or remain in the police department without the support and having anti-police forces as their enemies. The worst thing is that some outstanding officers will leave their departments for others, but problematic ones would remain.

Who will replace the best officers who will leave and who will take their places?

We are shocked that some very quality people would like to be in democrat—infected districts.

I want to hear only one thing that Bush did that benefited her constituents’ property? I bet there isn’t such a thing. She only furnished a campaign advertisement for her opponent in the upcoming elections.

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