BOOM: Ohio Bar Owner Bans NBA Games In His Establishment Until LeBron Is Out Of The League

LeBron James made a mistake

Democrats have nothing but words of praise for the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. I mean, the man is their hero. Dems praise LeBron for the tweet he wrote aiming at the Ohio police officer who shot Ma’Khia Bryant. The 16-year-old tried to stab two other people and the police had to shoot her to save those people

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Outkick reported that Linnie’s Pub in the Cincinnati area will ban NBA games as long as LeBron is part of the NBA. They are far from happy with his tweet and they are actually trying to get him out of the NBA.

The bar, Linnie’s Pub, located in Delhi Township near Cincy, has announced they will no longer show anymore games with James playing in it due to James’ online comments.

“If anyone wants to watch an NBA game, don’t come to Linnie’s Pub,” owner Jay Linneman said on Facebook of his bar.

“We will not air them until LeBron James has been expelled from the NBA.”

Do you approve this? Should the Big Tech remove pretty much every LeBron-related post? Should they ban him?

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Source: TrendingPolitics

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