BONE-CHILLING: OANN Reporter Says Alito and Thomas Have Issued a “Public Warning” About ACB and Kavanaugh

Are you surprised?

If you have been following the rulings of Supreme Court Justices Amy Coney Barrett and Brey Kavanaugh lately, you have surely noticed that they were making Justice Roberts look “conservative.”

Stats show that they’ve sided with liberals more than even Roberts has, and it is a fact that Bret Kavanaugh’s allegiance to his so-called “conservative values” just confirms that he was shaping up to be the next “John Roberts.”

If you got the feeling that something was “off”, you are right.

Therefore, although this is not surprising at all, the reality is disheartening and bone-chilling.

OAANN reporter Emerald Robinson, a warrior for truth, just tweeted out a scoop she received from a source at the SCOTUS which involves a “warning” from the bench, and we should all take it very seriously!

She said:

 “SCOTUS Justices Alito & Thomas are already publicly warning conservatives that Barrett & Kavanaugh “lack fortitude” and are “unwilling to bear the criticism” that will come with making conservative decisions.”

This means that the two justices are “weak” and are shucking their responsibilities and putting “politics” over the law.

It says even more!

Here’s what people online are saying:

“lack fortitude” = bought off”

“I wonder if ‘they’ got to them somehow…”

“Alito and Thomas are sending uss all a messsage. They know.” 

“So they lied under oath when they swore to uphold the articles in the Constitution? Got it..”

“That was intentional!!! They have PTSD from the confirmation hearings. They were not trying to stop the nominations they were showing what would happen if they made decisions that went against liberal mindsets. This was all intentional.”

“Wow. What a damn shame. Such a letdown and betrayal.”

“They’ve been either bought or blackmailed.”

“No possible way threats intimidation or blackmail may be employed? In the land of freedom? By any of our trusted 3 letter agencies? Naaaaw.”

“They are very correct. Just follow the judgements he has delivered and you’d know this.”

“Not very reassuring, but incredibly disappointing! After the way conservatives supported them to get appointed!”

“We’ve known this since the election.”

“I’ve known this since their nominations. They are federalist society judges, so this is expected of them.”

The last one is the most important- they are “Federalist Society judges.”

President Trump followed the long-standing tradition and just like any other Republican president before him, he took his nominations from Federalist and Heritage Foundation – two establishment organizations that couldn’t be farther from the “America First” ideals if they tried.

Now, these two represent weak establishment RINO types, or they might have other issues going on that would stop them from having “fortitude.”

Yet, the truth is that that “scoop” Emerald shared, falls in line with what so many of us have been suspecting for quite some time, and also with the “numbers.”

And numbers don’t lie.




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